Exclusively Aurora Caskets
We only sell Aurora caskets
because they are of superior
quality and Aurora only sells to
family owned funeral homes.
Gasketed vs. Non-Gasketed

A gasketed casket has a single
piece molded rubber gasket all
around the edge of the casket to
help keep air and water from
getting in or out of the casket. This
is standard on most metal caskets.

A non-gasketed casket does not
have this feature. Air and water will
be able to get in and out of the
In the case of a wood casket,
wood is porous by nature and so
wood caskets would never be able
to keep out air or water, even with
a gasket.
Apples to Apples
Make sure when you shop around
for caskets that you are comparing
like caskets.
Understand the differences
between materials and metals.
With gauges, the lower the
number, the thicker the metal.
20 Gauge steel  - it takes 20
sheets of metal to make one inch
18 Gauge steel - it takes 18
sheets of metal to make one inch
Stainless Steel - Does not rust.
Our stainless is equivalent in
strength to 16 gauge steel.
Frontier Pine
Woodstock Oak
Wabash Solid Cherry
20 Gauge Steel
18 Gauge Steel
Silver Hammertone
Metallic Bronze
Going Home Pacific Blue
Coral Mist
In God's Care Atlantic Blue
White Sand
Stainless Steel
Precious Metals
32 oz. Solid Bronze
32 oz. Solid Copper
Princess Brushed Hyacinth
Champagne Pearl
All of these caskets, and
others, are available in our
selection room. Other
caskets can be special
Jewish Orthodox Levi Oak
Silver Rose
Dakota Poplar
Lancaster Southern Pecan
Weston II Poplar
Tailor Midnight Blue
Wilton Butler